Saturday, 31 May 2014

Introduced a little more coffee again while away at my folk's. Tiny cups of coffee. Came back after a few days away, and felt really hungry. I always feel hungry when I came back from their house. Even though I only ate fruit and salad while they had all their usual stuff - and their daughters love to bake, continuously, bread and cakes - when I got home, had a tin of broad beans with some salad stuff. Now I feel a bit yuky. Why do I always feel hungry when I come back from their house, weird. Think it's an emotional thing, somehow - seeing my mother, sister etc. Could have been worse. Could have binged on bread. Whole month now without bread - without anything cooked or processed at all - apart from the broad beans today. Nothing like old family connections to stir things up. Weight just above 10 stone, last time I looked. 

I'm feeling so sad at the moment at the insane destruction of the animal kingdom by humans. Went past three loaded cattle trucks on the road at different times, sheep in one, cows in two others; all crammed in, looking stressed, piss and shit coming off the trucks, headed for the abattoirs. What a lack of compassion. What insanity. All for the sake of taste pleasure. Humans seriously need to wake up.

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