Friday, 9 May 2014


Breakfast – smoothie made of 2 bananas, grapes, 1 orange, small slice of melon.
Lunch – Remainders of breakfast smoothie
Had a banana late afternoon, for no apparent reason, except it was there and over ripe, and I needed an immediate boost as I was looking after the children

Weight this morning still about 10 and a quarter stone, just under. This is certainly different from last time when I cut back food drastically, when my weight loss seemed to go in freefall. But today lots of anxiety in my head, worrying about getting too thin etc. Something telling me not to worry though. This feels real.
Dry mouth all day despite drinking plenty of fluids. Bad taste in my mouth. Red mark on my face coming out.
Overall, funny sensation that I'm me but not me at all, really. We are many.
Did some yoga.
Had a bath, felt bathed in golden light from above.
Feel committed to what's going on here. When I became veggie 20 years ago, I knew that was it. When I turned vegan few years back, I knew that was it too. And now I'm on this new phase, I don't even know what it is.
I have to go to work tomorrow for a half day.

Breakfast: Smoothie made from 2 bananas, 2 strawberries, a few grapes, and a slice of melon.
Had the rest of it during the morning at work. Keeping hydrated with herbal teas and water throughout the day.

Slight headache all day, hardly noticeable though. Squeezing in my chest/stomach cavity again. My weight today is just under 10 and a quarter stone, but only fractionally. Not sure if it's due to less fluids or not. Loads of energy all day, feel fine, alert etc.

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