Wednesday, 21 May 2014

3 weeks later still on the same path. Just raw stuff, 1 coffee a week (actually had 2 last week, socially). Weight staying about 65kg. Definitely building more muscle again, slowly. Eating mostly fruits though some salad at lunch. No oil on salad. Doing raw garlic, seems to be quite a good way to kill off some of the nasties inside.

Whenever I skip food, I get a feeling that it's the way forward. Had a strange thrumming feeling in my body, in my guts, when lying down in the evening without anything to eat. Mentioning it, because the feel of it was way different somehow to anything before, like something being done to me, rather than something just going on and generated by my own body. In fact, even heard someone (the same feel of the energy I mentioned thrumming) say to me 'let us liberate you from needing food'.

Today got home from work at lunch, half day, and didn't want to have anything, but forced myself to; salad, a large smoothie (bananas, orange etc etc). Nearly immediately my extremities became cold. Kind of strange, suffered from cold hands and feet when I was a teenager, then didn't, now it's full circle again, years later. I'll get over it somehow. Anyway, also suddenly out of the blue started to feel really down after eating, like depressed or something - that's weird, because I have no idea where that came from, but it came out of me. Feel fine now. :-)

Again get this feeling that I'm already there, just need to remove a little more, somehow. I mean, remove more murky stuff that is blocking the way.

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