Wednesday, 7 May 2014

more updates

[Really I should update this daily, instead of pasting several days in one go. I just find it easier not to log in everyday. I'll try though in future.]

Had a third of an apple yesterday late afternoon.

Breakfast: smoothie and half a grapefruit. Banana in the morning. Lunch: half a cooked potato and a fruity salad for, also, a small piece of a lentil bake thingy I made for my wife (I didn't eat all of it, really did taste like dirt). Nothing else for the rest of the day (apart from teas, and fruit juice and water).

This morning woke up feeling clearer than usual. Weight this morning about 10 and a quarter stone, after big morning wee. It could be loss of fluids that made my weight drop.

Working part time in the IT company is kind of odd with all this going on, but ok really. This is also why I took half a baked potato to work with me – felt like I needed something to latch onto at work, if that makes any sense. In a room with 13 computers and 26 monitors, electro static nightmare. Probably a good thing that I'm only part-time there.
Feel so much better without evening food. All I can say, is that something is going on and it feels good. Quite a few days now on this diet change. Been doing more stretching and meditating too. Presence of blue light again.
Fitness, well not running much anymore, not sure it was doing me any good. Hip imbalance too great to make the long distances safe. Eating reduced food has been unknotting this whole part of my body. I recall now, how as I child, I'd eat stuff in great quantity (Christmas etc), and how I could feel it shape my body (in not good ways), in a deep way – how imbalances within food create imbalances in body. I have much to work through on this still I think.

Breakfast half a grapefruit. Lunch, a few fruits with some lettuce leaf. Various fluids all day. Feeling like fluids are actually heavy in me somehow, but I'm proceeding with plenty of fluids anyway. Weight has still been hovering around the 10 and quarter stone mark.

I was going to have some baked potato at my lunch, but as I was handling it, a voice seemed to say to me 'NO' really strongly. So I left it. Beginning to understand how eating cooked food sets off old habits in the body. How cooperation with the forces at work must be listened to. Hope I can keep it up.

After my plate of fruits, I bit into a small cube of the baked potato just to see and it tasted all wrong so I spat it out. In the evening, cooking pasta for the children, I tested a piece of pasta on my teeth but had no inclination to have even a morsel of it.

Again feelings of the deepness of life. I'm always going on about that.

Strangely, despite not eating anything much at all last few days, I had an itchy bottom today (candida related I feel sure), something I've had on and off for quite a few years. Maybe I need a salt flush or something. Need to look that up.

Not very hungry really, and plenty of energy throughout the day. Did some stretching, and spent some moments in rare glimpses of sun. Went to bed probably too late, about 11pm.

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