Tuesday, 3 June 2014

So that's how it's gone. After those butter beans in a salad, I've had some stuff I thought I'd never have again - croissant type things, and more coffee than over last month (where was having one cup a week). On the other hand, I don't feel like I've completely lost my balance. Just last night, strong feelings of light. Today in the office was tough, sitting at a computer all day, getting achey etc. And this going back to stuff I haven't had for a month (crappy wheat), all started because I had a weird time at my folks, still processing it. Still don't feel like I'm going to start eating loads of bread though. Had some nuts too, which I haven't had for a month. Last time, after my month of abstience from things I've been very addicted to, I started on them for a long time after again. This time, I want to reign things in quicker, I'll give it two or three days.

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