Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Just been eating lots of fruits since last update, mostly smoothies. Very interesting how I seem off bread completely, totally. Allowing myself one small cup of coffee a week, with my other half. Always was our Saturday routine. At the moment, even feel like I'll never go back to bread or in fact anything cooked. I'm feeling that in the same way that I felt when I became veggie and then vegan. It's a bigger thing though, going pure fruitarian, than turning vege or vegan, so I'm not concluding anything yet. Just seem to be pushed that way. Not entirely comfortable with the sugar rush and headache I get from all this fruit, even though I try and burn it off through being very active, lifting weights, doing squats, etc. Feel like something else is going on. Like fruits are just another distraction, really. Still, my plan is to get stronger and fitter again, create more bulk with muscle, before fasting again. That's my aim, at least. Last checked my weight, was 65kgs, up from my 10 stone (or 63.5kg), which was my personal cut-off point. Just get this sense that I need to be clean and fit for the next step. No going back, that's what it feels like.

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