Thursday, 22 May 2014

Still the same. Fruits mainly, some salad. No bread, no coffee. Working on my fitness, but without running. Doing stretching and yoga etc. 

Have a feeling that the body is just the way it is, whether body has food or not, but functions better without. Mind programs and karma etc dictate the state of someone's body. Substances that the body has no idea what to do with, just stores it as fat. Nourishment is really a feeling of inner care – eating something engenders that feeling of being nurtured (perhaps similar to what Rudolph Steiner has said, that energy is drawn through the process of eating, but not actually the food itself). If feelings of inner care and wholeness are maximised, and addicted thought processes removed, it is possible to live without food. 

Science seems to study how the body processes food, without really knowing where all the energy comes from. So it surmises (quite sensibly, on the whole) that food is the energy source humans need; but it's a long way from being the whole story.

Been working on my cold hands, face and nose and feet. Connected to this, feeling a lot more impatient and angry (esp. with the children), and by being more forthright, I've actually improved my circulation. It's as if my bad circulation has been down to being too repressed somehow, literally not being hot blooded enough. So I need to get a balance. Musn't take anything out of the kids! That's the opposite of love. But I guess, as a parent it's always hard to know when to be assertive and when to let things go.

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