Saturday, 10 May 2014

Breakfast smoothie: 2 bananas, 2 strawberries, 1 grapefruit, a few grapes
Water throughout the day
In the evening, had a banana

A much more hectic day than I intended. Ended up by going to a folk music festival, instead of staying in the house, with the children going stir crazy. It was cold and windy, but we had a good time. Amazing dancers and singers from Czechoslovakia. Thought I'd be weak from lack of nutrition (compared to my usual) but I wasn't at all. Even 7 year old son on my shoulders to see over the crowds, no problem. Didn't manage to drink as much water throughout, as I intended though. In the evening, weight dipped under 10 and a quarter stone, which I'm not surprised about. I think I'm going to start having more stuff again today, we shall see. I feel really great, but I don't want to become too skinny.

Other rambling thoughts today:

It's amazing how fasting or even semi-fasting as in my case increases ones perception of things. Realise of course, that anything I read or hear on the internet about, well, anything really, is meaningless. I can only make up my own mind on things, listen to my own intuition. At the end of the day, the internet has to be switched off completely for spiritual progress, in my opinion, as well as books etc. Of course, information content can be found to reflect ones own viewpoint, but really, it's only a reflection. There's nothing 'new' ever discovered out there, really, only reflections.

And as to the subject of inedia, my guess is still that, there's a vast number of people who would do well just to forget about it. It doesn't matter. Everyone dies. Nothing is designed to live forever, physically speaking. Even forms on the more subtle realms, have to be abandoned. It's kind of ironic, that in the world of breatharianism, people really do want to have a piece of the cake and eat it, as it were. :-)

On the other hand, only speaking for myself, my intuition used to tell me over and over to fast and not eat, years ago, many years before I'd even heard of 'breatharianism' or even the possibility of it. When I used to have an impulse not to eat, and fast sensibly and prayerfully, I had no idea about the whole subject. I just knew that we humans are voracious consumers and far from spiritual alignment. The first I heard of the subject and knew it had a title, was when I came across something on the internet.

I guess ultimately each person has to decide for themselves what gives them energy to life the life they feel inspired to live. If it's cake and biscuits, why not? Obviously there are some options which are healthier than others, but enjoyment and fun goes a long way in giving someone a happy long life. Perhaps some people are fasting without deep connection to Soul, as a mental process – I'd say, forget about it then, go and have some fun. God enjoys fun. Interestingly, in Islam, when you die, it's said that God asks you whether you enjoyed your life or not, and if not, why not? The implication is that it's meant to be about joy and fun. My view is that killing animals for food fun is spiritually unacceptable, so perhaps notwithstanding that, everything else goes.

If there's no joy in attempting a spiritual progression, maybe it's just the wrong path for somebody.

One thing I know, is that I enjoy rambling writing :-))

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