Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Recently I got a stomach bug from my son (he got it from school). He was sick. I was sick. My sickness however went on longer than his, many hours of vomitting. My stomach has reacted like this before to things like alcohol and rich food - as if the signals from inside me, through my body, are trying to tell me something - my body is wanting to rid itself of everything. After that, didn't feel like eating. Felt that I should though, as if it was the 'sensible' thing to do, and had a cooked meal on the evening of the day I recovered, because I lost about half a stone from being sick and so on. Didn't go down well. Now in a situation where I'm meant to be eating as normal again (i.e. not just raw), but finding that it makes me depressed. I can feel such a gathering of light, and changeover in my body, but socially I guess I'm in a situation where only I'm experiencing this fact, which isn't easy at all.

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