Friday, 13 May 2011

Spiritual progression and the regulation of heat

Many things have been coming to mind recently, as related to the changes going on in me. And I suppose the main topic of this blog post has to do with the regulation of internal heat - and how our existence is very much dependent on creating heat.

This subject of heat/cold is highly relevant because it's quite normal to feel cold when refining food intake. Eating generates its own internal heat, and so heats the body up. This is well observed by hunters in the Arctic, who need to snack frequently to generate internal heat to keep warm. So it seems, there is a close correlation between the generation of internal heat, cold, and the subject of inedia.

Generally also, regulation of ones internal heat governs ones ability to override ones passions and appetites. In some Buddhist texts there is a close correlation between appetite for food and sexual appetite.

It's curious that we humans derive heat from foods that have been pre-cooked. Let's say, an oatcake, has been processed and cooked. In some way, the heat, or energy, from a pre-cooked food is taken advantage of by the body, if it requires food as its source of sustenance. The energy of fire/heat has been transfered to the cooked oats, and then drawn into the body. This is perhaps why becoming a raw foodist is a giant leap. It pre-supposes an ability to drawn energy from other sources than just the raw food. Typically, raw-foodists look somewhat bad in health studies, though I wonder how many of these are also spiritually open and inspired. Maybe some of these raw foodists are the same as some militant vegans, who are wholly identified by their dietary choice, rather than having a rounded approach to existence. I'm surprised by some vegans I have met, who seem ignorant of the reality of the spiritual side of life, and fly their vegan banner for its own sake. In these cases, it wouldn't surprise me if a similar approach to raw-foodism would lead to health difficulties.

My circulation has been bad lately. A run will sort it out, but so will generally meditation. I prefer meditation to help circulate the energies. However, I'm finding it really hard to sort out my circulation lately. This circulation problem was there even  before I became vegan - in fact, even as a teenager I went through periods of rotten circulation. But then it would subside again. It has to do with certain blocks and resistances within me, which come and go. But this problem is definitely even more present now I eat more raw than anything else.

In a sense it takes my journey to the nub of the issue - the regulation of internal  heat. I'm not able to really agree or disagree with intricate explanations of chakras and energy etc etc, it seems all a bit too specific - it's possible to explain anything by anything really, but it's entertainment rather than anything else.How does anything ultimately work?

At least I know if something is hot, or cold, or whether I feel hunger or not, but that's just me.

Aww, need to sort this cold nose out again.

Another ramble :-)

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