Wednesday, 18 May 2011

building of light

There's been a real building of light and intent going on.

Yet, I had to have a cooked meal the other evening, as it would have been too weird for the other person for them to eat on their own in front of me (they traveled some distance to visit). So I had a stir-fry. I had to make a quick run for the loo later, explosive guts, as my body really didn't want it. Two days later, had to have more cooked again in the evening and felt heavy this time, and my guts didn't want to turn everything out. Funny how the body gets used to whatever its given and instructed.

Understanding far more the necessity of deep intent, free of other people's opinion.

This thing about food, it really just comes down to freedom. I don't want to theorize on energies or anything like that anymore. Though I probably will again from force of habit, at some point.

Freedom, and feeling love unencumbered by heaviness (of food) is the reason for all of this.

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