Monday, 9 May 2011

what a day

 What a day!  I trained too hard. I ran faster than ever. Food: only fruits for breakfast and salad and nuts for lunch. After my evening run, I had two fruits. But the next morning my body was aching and needing things, so I ate more than usual, even cooked for lunch and evening. And my guts really regretted, my goodness! I don't want to repeat that... The pain I felt in my torso was bad, really bad.  While I was eating, I was thinking, hey this is fine, but.... What comes up must come down.

So I must train sensibly and go easy on myself. Do enough exercise to work with the body, but not too hard. Returning to fruits and such like. Must avoid those other foods, which my body are indicating to me as no good at the moment.

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