Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Working with the process toward breatharianism

As my food intake becomes more refined, it's as if there's a sort of cyclical redundancy going on, in terms of my attachments to certain things. I view something as a 'treat', like a biscuit, that I might have very occasionally, though I also know that it's got a shelf-life within my consciousness. This has happened before with certain things in the past: cheese, for example. The time has to be right for something to be abandoned completely, but in the interim, it's really not necessary to deprive oneself. The process of veering toward lighter foods - and eventually possibly no physical food - should be a gentle, loving process. There's no point on being hard on oneself. If something is taken as a treat, but ultimately is not enjoyable, then perhaps the time is right to move on. But if something feels amazingly good to have, without any drawbacks, removing that item is deprivation.

After all, moving toward lighter food isn't about deprivation, it's about fulfillment so great, that moving beyond that constant craving for food subsides.

There's clearly a host of beings dedicated to this process, for people who are undertaking this journey

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