Friday, 17 September 2010

When nuts and fruits are too much - that's nuts!

There's a distinct change in the way I feel hungry - or not hungry - since I've been eating only fruits in the evenings, nuts and lettuce type things and a wrap at lunch, and a small amount of oats in the mornings. Hunger used to be a growling sensation in the stomach, but these days, it's quite different. It's hard to describe, but it's something like an upward feeling in my torso, a  sort of tightening as well (I used to have an ongoing pain there, but it has shifted, this I think was to do with something contracting and readjusting). But not really a feeling of hunger. And I certainly don't lack in energy. On the contrary, I'm more focused for longer periods of time, and manage to keep up with certain creative interests, as well as caring for my two young children during the day. I got to bed late and get up early, usually with disturbed nights because of the children.

However, even the consumption of fruits and nuts etc, and especially wraps and oats, feels like a drag on my system often. Recently, when I've been thinking to myself, in a sort of automatic manner 'time to eat' (e.g. mid afternoon when the kids are having a snack), I've had a small fruit smoothy or juice of some description and it does the job fine, when in the past I might have had something more solid. The more I substitute something I used to have, with something more refined, I feel like something shifts. As if I'm working with a wider process, and energies, that are wanting to establish themselves more firmly.

I often feel like I eat when I don't really need to eat.

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