Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Calling to a refined diet

I've always felt that we're entities of consciousness that exist beyond the confines of a physical body, even as a child I felt this. It's as if we're crammed into tiny frames -  in tiny frames of time and matter - with our real intelligence located outside of the brain (this is quite enjoyably contrary to the abysmal scientific viewpoint that the brain creates consciousness - but whatever...) As such, it also makes sense that the body can only reflect the levels of being that exist beyond the body, if it is refined enough to do so. Someone who eats a lot of meat, for example, and is pumped with animal adrenaline, and perhaps has a lot of aggression and anger, won't be in a fit state to experience some of the more subtle elements of the psyche.Conversely, someone who fasts and refines the body, will be in a better position to experience wider realities.

These rationalisations are quite distinctly different from the actual experience of needing to refine ones diet. The experiences to move things forward radically, can often come from strange and deep sources. When the impulse came over me to move toward eating much less, I felt like there was an actual link- astoundingly real - to a small group of people, who were interested and intent on helping me move beyond the necessity to eat food. I know that sounds strange. These people, or beings, quite simply exist on a higher level of reality. But because the physical world is directly linked to the higher, through subtle energy, it is possible to connect the two.

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