Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A gentle stepping stone toward something deeper

I realise more and more, that this strong tendency of mine to prefer eating only raw vegan food, is only a step on a longer journey. In fact, it feels more like a preparation for something deeper. It seems to me, that evolution happens in sudden leaps - something that is observable even from an Darwinian perspective - and this journey toward living without food, which many people are now embracing, is part of this process of evolution.

We are, after all, beings of  consciousness, and if the records are to be believed, the world is moving into a new dimension of reality - this is even observable from a mundane scientific viewpoint, with n-dimensional strings in mathematics, and quantum theory, emerging. The fact that quantum theory is credible, and scientifically observable, always makes me wonder how the scientific community can be at all closed minded about living on different energy sources. But that is another story...

So many are feeling the draw toward a more refined diet, as the physical body is adapting to fundamental changes - changes that could one day, lead many, many people to live without food. There is an opening now for people to do this. It's an exciting time for the human race.

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