Saturday, 18 September 2010

Moments of Doubt

Sometimes I stop myself in my tracks, and think to myself, what am I doing refining my food intake? Doubt and fear sets in, but it takes only a short while for me to see the conditioning in my mind. That I need this or that to live. That I will become ill and/or die if I continue down this path. My analytical mind steps in, and it starts to lecture me on topics such as Vitamin B12 deficiency, Calcium deficiency, Protein deficiency... and so on. The list could be endless.

And yet at the same time, I feel a strong flow of energy into me, that tells me clearly that the physical body lives without food. That it is the essential energy that animates all life. That the scientific analysis of the body's composition, while being valid, can't tell the whole story - that huge chunks of knowledge are simply missing from the scientific mind. The kind of knowledge that only comes from expansion and self-development, of an intuitive nature.

So my doubts I see, are like hoary old men, ruminating and grumbling all the time. Using logic that certainly works on one level, but which can't operate outside of the sphere, which it already knows about...

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