Wednesday, 11 June 2014

After that month without bread, I had two or three days of small amounts of cooked stuff,then nothing cooked for a week (I was thinking this pattern was at last different) but then the bread bug kicked in, - that, and more coffee too (apart from that small cup once a week). These things all seem to be connected somehow coffee-cookedfood-bread. It's rather like, I get the taste for these harder things, and it kicks off the whole cycle again.

I know the only way to kick the habit, is to kick it for good. It's interesting though that twice now I've dumped the bread for a month (as well as cooked food obviously, which I never have much of anyway apart from bread when I'm on it), but twice now when I've reached the end of the month, and something in me is still telling me to go for that drug stuff again.

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