Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wheat is no longer my friend

Since last entry I've been off wheat again. During last entry, I ate a lot of wheat stuffs, and even a small cooked breakfast (it was meant to be a Father's day treat, eh). The next day, I had to go to the loo 5 times. My body couldn't get rid of all that stuff quick enough.

And so, I've finally taken a position against wheat. I don't like taking positions against anything really, but wheat has driven me to it. My struggle has always been bread, while eating everything else raw. I've tended to stay away from taking a position, because it's so easy to take a view, from a mental/intellectual standpoint, which has nothing to do with what is actually right for oneself - and sometimes seeing which one is which, can be tricky. People everywhere are driven by ideals that don't necessarily match what is right for them. But in my case, after many months (even a couple of years?) of going to and fro over bread, I've decided to take a line. My line is that wheat is not good for the human body. Wheat is addictive and weakens the body. I've concluded this from the emotional energy associated with wheat, and how the gluten acts like glue in the body. But it goes further than that, gluten free bread is not the answer either. There's something about wheat - gluten free or not - which is completely addictive. I think taking a position against wheat is a game changer.

So wheat is no longer my friend - the kind of friend who was fun, but essentially bad company to be in :-)) (like ex girlfriends I guess, in some cases!)

That leaves me with only coffee as a cooked substance I use.

Wheat is strange, everything revolves around wheat, practically every eating social activity is wheat related.

What I'm going through reminds me of something I heard Genesis Sunfire say once. Something along the lines of, while it's ok to just follow ones own process and the ups and downs and not forcing anything, sometimes one has to take a position against certain things (food related, that is), employing an act of will etc.

Weight wise still just over 10 stone, nothing much has changed. Fitness is good, go swimming sometimes, do a few weights also, am slim but quite well toned I suppose (probably still thin looking to many people). Before I couldn't get used to be just over 10 stone (thought it was too light for someone 6"2'), but I feel great on it really, so I have to stop worrying about that completely. Actually, I have very long runner's legs, so that's where my height comes from. Without my legs, I'd be a shorty :-)

 Looks like my body likes being this way.

Next step in the journey - no wheat from now on! Feels quite strange somehow.

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