Monday, 26 September 2011

Is eating cooked food playing with fire?

Even though I eat raw food, I've never really considered that cooked food is that bad really. Recently however I've been having different thoughts about this, from things I've been experiencing, from a relapse I had with cooked food. It makes me think that eating cooked really comes with its own price. It's as if the distortion of food matter, and the whole process of preparing it, creates a sort of disharmony or something.  I never wanted to conclude anything like this, as it seems extreme. And even though it makes no sense to me, in a conventional sense, this is what I'm experiencing. It lowers the energy of the people eating this cooked food, and even makes arguements  around the table easier - this is really crazy stuff!

So I feel even more strongly that going back to cooked food, for emotional and/or social reasons, isn't any good for me. I have to leave it alone. Eating cooked food is so tightly bound with the emotions, that even reverting back to it, triggers unwanted responses. It's no wonder that people who become fruitarian, on the whole, need to go through some kind of therapy, as it were. So recently, have been deciding to not go back, no matter. Have to remain with what I feel, so matter how weird!

I like this analogy and pun of playing with fire. Eating cooked food obviously does introduce an element of danger, as it needs fire/heat, and all the aspects of what it means to use fire/heat, whether gas, electrical, or electromagnetic...

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