Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bread monster

Today I'm a total bread and coffee monster, this is addiction playing itself out, clearly. It's weird that this is happening when I've been eating natural foods for a while.

Bread is so addictive, it's come out of nowhere - well, nearly out of nowhere. There were some visitors in my house who were eating all sorts of white bread things, and even though I ate fruits while they ate cooked things, I felt this growing attraction to bread. 

It's interesting to note that giving free bread to the people, was a form of population control by the ancient Romans. Bread makes your spirit sleep, and fills you with satisfaction. It was the poet Juvenal who coined the phrase 'bread and circuses' as the best way of keeping control of the people and of Rome.


  1. One word: GLUTEN

  2. Of course, I'd forgotten about gluten, lead me to research that .... Thanks for the input Skyalmian