Saturday, 5 March 2011

words fail....

I've recently sprung back from a period of very lean eating and some fasting, to eating more again. It's quite interesting how fasting and so on, brings out so many things. It has got to be a gradual thing. And it's not the end of the story...

For me the motivation has always been.... a sort of deep experience about existence. Recently I've been reading about other people's motivations, and I find it interesting how different they all are. One thing I see more and more though, is that I can't identify with some of the different approaches people have to this subject - and added to this, is that I feel that it's such a personal and deep thing, even the description of the process toward Breatharianism, and all the made up 'techincal' words, make no sense - or at least, to me they don't.

I don't mean it perjoratively or judgementally. It's just that it appears to me that 'something goes on', and who knows what it is.  It's possible to think one thing or another, or describe it one way or the other, but none of the intellectualisations make any sense, really. Or at least, to me they don't.

To this extent, even keeping a  blog on the subject, as I explore the early stages of this path, makes me see that in itself, it's sort of futile. I use the blog to organise my thoughts on the subject, but I don't even think there's anything to be organised, if that makes any sense. The best that can be said, is that it's all about using the Will, conjoined with the help of higher beings. Nothing much to add to that.

Maybe this blog is ending its lifespan, who knows.

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