Thursday, 3 March 2011



Diet wise:
Two days ago I had some oats and plain muesli with rice milk in the morning. Late afternoon, a banana. In the evening, an apple and an orange. Yesterday, I didn't have anything. My energy has been good, strength good. Sense of stability good (i.e. no giddiness etc). But what I did find myself having again, was coffee. Am I addicted to coffee? Throughout the day a part of my mind was coaxing me to eat normal things, in a robotic fashion, but with the coffee, I couldn't seemingly stop myself. I begin to see, why coffee is the second  most traded commodity in the world, after oil... Must find a way in my mind, to work on this.

This morning have been eating 'normally' again, muesli + banana, but also toast, but they've been feeling like a stone inside of me. Haven't improved my energy at all, on the contrary.  And of course, had more coffee... At times I again wonder why am I bothering with this food refinement? Wouldn't it be easier to forget about it?

But no. How can I forget about such a radical thing is putting stuff inside of me. Besides, it doesn't equate with my deeper feelings and impressions of existence....

Just last week I had to have an evening meal (social), and the next morning my energy was bad, really rubbish. I couldn't do as many press-ups for example. On my lean dieting, I can do up to 35 full press-ups now, which I could never do before; but the day after the evening meal, I think I felt the pain at 15 and got to about 25 or something, and my arms trembled and I died! ha ha

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