Sunday, 19 December 2010

Falling asleep for a while... and ponderings on sexual energy

Just recently I've resumed normal eating (cooked vegan), eating a lot more than I have for a long time. Typical family life, the cold weather, and a bug that I've caught, make me unable or unwilling to reach out any further, at this time. Perhaps I also feel that with Christmas coming, to opt out would be a mean thing to do, with the children and my wife who has happily adjusted to my veganism, and often fruit tendencies...

I don't feel bad about it, and I also feel that some beings out there see this as a welcome thing to do, for a variety of reasons.

And yet... I feel somehow that my connection to many things has dimmed, because of the food. Also, I've been having random sexual thoughts, which I look at with detachment, even humour. These thoughts, interestingly, are associated with the consumption of food. I read somewhere once, in a Buddhist text, that appetite for food and sexual appetite are closely related. Certainly, these instincts seem to come from basically the same areas of the body. 

In a study related by Richard Wrangham, in his book Catching Fire (How Cooking Made Us Human), I was interested to see that a study conducted on raw vegans and fruitarians, showed decreased sexual appetite and where some women even stopped having periods. This was regarded as a bad thing in the study (as of course, the success of the human race depends on reproduction) and therefor showed the detrimental nature of these diets. Obviously, in general culture, decreased libido is seen as a 'bad' thing, and where somehow happiness is meant to be attained by people having sex. And yet, in spiritual culture, happiness is attained from rising above sex or food impulses - and where sexual unions, or eating, are based on principles of love and decision.

Anyway, I've found this before, that food, especially certain foods, stimulate areas of the body that generate sexual feelings.

Eating has its drawbacks. A yogi text I read once recommended staying away from spicey foods, as these were 'rajasic', fire inducing (and would therefor increase sexual appetite).

I'll get back food refinement after the Christmas period.

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