Friday, 22 May 2015

1 month raw and 3 days fasting + salt water flushes

Did a month on just fruits, nuts and salad. The only non-raw thing I had was a bit of olive oil dressing on the salad, but didn't have a salad every day.

After that month, started to fast in a spontaneous way on some days off work I had. Was so used to doing myself a fruit smoothie in the mornings, that I forgot about my fast, and had a smoothie automatically... But from 9am onward, my fast had started....

My findings for those days:
Day 1: Later that morning, did a salt water flush, and it did hurry my bowels somewhat. Had some diluted orange juice during the day. Also, cups of herbal teas.
Evening weight: not much difference, just above 10 stone.
Day 2:  Did another salt water flush, but it would not move my bowels at all. Diluted orange juice during the day, also cups of herbal tea.. Quite gassy, which I was surprised about, because I felt I didn't have much left in there. But since it takes between 20 and 30 hours for food to travel from the mouth to the way out, that's not surprising. No stools all day, which is unusual. The reverse of what a salt water flush is meant to do.
Evening weight: I was expecting my weight to have fallen today, but it had not, just about 10 stone.
Day 3: Did another salt water flush, and about 20 mins later it produced a bowel movement. A surprisingly dense and heavy stool for someone who eats mostly fruit, it was difficult. Once that was out of the way, and the blockage has been removed.... I needed to be near a loo for about 2-3 hours!! The salt flush really, really worked. I must have gone 5 to 6 times, and couldn't believe how much was being washed out. It felt so good to be free of all that. Immediately my breathing became deeper, like a part of my abdomen was more accessible. Also, a feeling of warmth spread out from that area, helping circulation to my extremities. When the salt flush really began to work, I felt like something was urging me to SHIFT quickly somehow, like a presence was trying to get me to change gears. A bit later, drank hot water with lemon juice. Unfortunately, I couldn't accommodate the last bowel movement, as I had to pick the children up from school!! I had a worrisome moment in the car... but I was ok! This process is like a game, with humour, and tailored to my way of life.
Weight: Strangely, again, my weight has not decreased, in fact has increased a little. How is this possible? I would say I look a bit thinner around the neck, but my overall weight has not changed, in fact, increased a tiny fraction. despite losing all that internal matter.

I haven't felt weak over these 3 days. Sleep has been a little light though, but have been using that time to read etc. Doing push ups and squats to keep the body motor ticking over... Push ups up to 50, just to keep tabs on my fitness level.

If I feel like I do now, tomorrow, I won't eat, just have herbal teas and diluted orange juice.

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