Monday, 1 June 2015

Day  4 of fast:

In the morning felt bad, not weak, but a bit nauseaus – drank some tea and diluted fruit juice and did some press ups, then I was ok. Had a very busy day, from swimming to having to go to a concert in the evening.  Weight at end of day, down a little. That night, I was in a strange place within myself, and in the middle of the night I had to walk around the house, gently pacing back and forth. Felt incredibly sad at the bananas I wasn't eating, but I realise that the sadness was there, had nothing to do with bananas really - yet, also felt a kind of deep connection to things. Throughout the day, a couple of times felt like I needed the loo, but I didn't, nothing there.

Day 5 - end of fast: 

Stomach felt a bit sicky on the fluids. Strangely, like yesterday, still have a fair amount of gas.
Weight his morning: 10 stone, so weight has finally dropped a little. There's a bug going round, and my body has reacted to it massively. Extremely sore throat. Decided to have some fruits again, both as smoothies and individually, as I felt so bad. Also, needed to keep my head together.

Day 6: Weight  in the morning: just under 10 stone, despite eating again. Have had the most terrible snot EVER – just a stream of mucus all night. Feel like I'm massively detoxing. 

It's been a week now, eating fruits, and I've had terrible mucus, like I've never had before. Feel this part of detox. It's been cold and very wet lately, damp, and for the first time in over a month, had some cooked food. A baked potato, and some stew.  Will see how I feel about that in a day or two. First impressions, is that it was quite a handy thing to have, against the cold and damp.

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