Sunday, 19 April 2015

It's all OK

Something has deepened. I wasn't going to write about it, as I feel that keeping quiet about these things is a better approach... But then, in these times, I feel that there's enough Light around, for things like this to be made open....

A couple of realisations:

1) The deep love and impersonality of Light - I feel this keenly, unlike other times. This has helped me forward a little. By impersonality, I mean without emotion, without fluctuation.

2) Foods are bad! In my path, of going back and forth, but mostly two steps forward and one back, it's taken me up until now to feel with clear conviction that inputting substances into the body, isn't such a good idea. How long is it taking me to get this fully? Too long!

Am just on fruits again. The other day, just some juices. Really feel a change going on. Like I really don't want to walk back on the old path.

Also, realising that refining food input, isn't about attaining amazing long life, but about cleaning up the body/antenna that receives the higher signals. To enhance communion with those.

I came upon a sentence that really jumped out at me, from a C.S.Lewis book, Voyage to Venus:

"...And he bowed his head and groaned and repined against his fate - to be still a man and yet to be forced up into the metaphysical world, to enact what philosophy only thinks.'

Kind of says it all, and perhaps anyone who's on this path feels the same. Why always being pushed on to refine food, to somehow go beyond it? It's an agreement at soul level I think.

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