Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life is like climbing a big mountain toward the Light

Hello, I haven't updated my blog for a long while.

For the sake of focusing my mind, I thought I would write some more - writing has always been found to be the best method in that regard :-))

It was December last year last time I wrote, a long time. This is pretty much how things have gone for me food wise since then.

I got through Christmas as a fruit/raw food person, but went back in a strange fashion soon after Christmas. I was with the family, in the financial district of London, and ended up eating a pizza (!!!?) there. This was strange and crazy for me. I felt cold (it was really cold), I felt strange by all the strange buildings, and the strange reality of London financial district.... The kids and my wife wanted a nice meal, and we ended up in a pizza place, which wasn't even grounded on the earth. It was a restaurant above the road, with cars underneath. So it was weird. I started to ingest pizza, above a road, surrounded by glass buildings and ancient Roman remains. It's hard to explain how disconnect from the earth these places are. I think part of my problem, is that with all the Christmas socializing, I just hadn't been eating my usual amounts of fruit, wasn't really prepared enough.

After that pizza, which re-acclimatized my body to this kind of 'food' (it's definitely not food), and feeling at a low ebb, I ate more cooked food. I still get a soar throat nearly straight away after eating (too much) cooked food, which is weird.

I've been having coffee and toast again, but it's not doing me much good. Also, eating other cooked stuff, but try and keep that down as much as possible. Weirdly, I find a whole cooked meal, with cooked vegetables etc, much worse than eating sometimes more 'unhealthy', like a piece of toast with vegetable grease.

I can't explain this to myself. Why is it, that cooked vegetables, or whole cooked meals, feels like eating a load of sludge and dirt, but chewing on a crunchy piece of toast doesn't? Perhaps cooked dishes are really complex in their make-up, with different levels of things all mixed together.

I don't have a plan to go all raw food again. Really I'm more interested in doing a fast again soon.

My weight has changed very little over all this time, a little above 10 stone.

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