Thursday, 25 October 2012

update - byebye bread

It's been a while since I updated this blog, so here goes.

I've gone through my coffee and bread barrier. This really was going on a long time, and I got bored of it, the struggle of it. I still have the occasional coffee out with people, but not bread. I don't drink coffee anymore in a desperate way, or even daily, for a fix. In fact, last time I had a coffee, made me feel a bit sickly. So, in the gentle manner in which I've been approaching this food journey, I imagine that coffee will go 100% at some point.

I'm eating mostly fruits though some raw veggies as well and still eating nuts occasionally.

My weight just hasn't changed since last time. I was trying to put on weight by eating loads of the fattiest fruits possible (not very easy), but it really didn't work, apart from not feeling well on it. So I'm a tall slim guy, gotta get used it.

One thing that has really  helped with eliminating bready things and the occasional 'social' cooked meal, is expectations. People are used to me now. Big deal. I eat loads of fruits. Someone even laughed (in a nice way!), to say that I'll be on a Channel 5 program soon. I'm ok with it. I really don't miss cooked food at all, it feels really distorted.

I had weird headaches and so on when I really stopped this bread thing.

Somehow I'm more chilled out, and I'm feeling closer to the truth of things and my understanding of reality.

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