Monday, 11 June 2012

eating fruits doesn't solve anything

Now this is so weird. I'd been off bread and coffee, just fruits for quite a period of time. Then suddenly, I started eating bread and drinking coffee all over again and have since then being eating cooked food again, but the cooked stuff with only medium enjoyment. Everything is so salty and sugary it's incredible. And cooked food is creating such a deep need in me for more cooked food. For some reason though, it's bread again which is the thing that I eat with uncomfortable relish. I feel like such a robot and when I see myself eating, or other people, a part of me feels that it's so childish somehow, though it's hard to explain.

I think this has happened for several reasons. I was getting bored of fruits, and it wasn't solving the whole issue of this feeling of needing to eat. I don't think eating fruits solves anything on that level. Maybe it's better overall for the human body, but I don't feel it particularly improves or decreases spiritual connection. The human psyche can cope with the effects of cooked food. Humans don't necessarily live longer lives being fruitarian. People who eat fruits also die!

The only thing which would improve spiritual connection is to remove food altogether: fasting. Which I've found before.

Going to raw food or fruits is beneficial, but not the whole answer. The answer is prayer and fasting. The answer that has been true throughout the ages. But when am I going to commit to that again...

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