Friday, 2 March 2012

Just a bit of fun!

It's been ages since I've updated my blog. Some things have changed, others not. Prefer sticking to fruits, but still eating other stuff, not being rigid over it. Doing quite a lot of running. I balance out my search while being a house dad and wanting to present a balanced reality to my children :-))

The main thing that occurs to me these days, is that I know absolutely nothing about anything, really. Apart from being nice to each another and animals, and the world we live in etc, there's nothing much else that matters. It's really simple. Just be happy with what's around!

Sometimes I think, that people are attracted to alternative food lifestyle in the hope that they'll live forever, or something. But everything dies. We live in an entropic universe. Everything is slowly disintegrating... :-)) Everything is actually designed  to die. Of course, there are some rare beings who transcend the psycho-physical limitations of earth existence, but their whole mindset won't be one of being concerned over dietary things!! They might live in the Hymalayas, probably do. 

So much striving is ego based. I often think of Gautama the Buddha and his own search through fasting, that lead him to the conclusion that just eating healthily was the key - whatever aided meditation and the spiritual search. I say this, because so much food life-style culture is weirdly obsessive and actually based on fear.On the other hand, going through periods of fasting is definitely a good thing.

I heard a story once, of a strange Saddhu in India, who ate anything at all, in huge quantities. He could consume anything in great quantities, to no ill effect. He could even drink poisons. It was all part of his own ecstatic reality.  He was like the opposite to being breatharian!

I haven't concluded much for myself still. Eating fruits is good, eating uncooked is better, but what really matters is the spiritual connection. Nothing else matters apart from that. All the rest is just a bit of fun, as far as I can tell. 

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