Sunday, 30 October 2011

4 cooked meals, 4 sore throats, 4 headaches

Recently been stepping back a little and not thinking of my change of food. So have had 4 cooked meals, but my reaction to them has been curious: I've been getting headaches and a sore throat, each time after each meal, eating these over a period of days  ('healthy' cooked food: vegetables and grains mostly). Beforehand, I'd get a sort of pain in my chest after cooked food. I don't get that now anymore, but these other symptoms instead. I'm not sure what it all means. I can eat a piece of bread without a problem, but I suppose that's very different to a whole cooked meal.

I've been working on just following my own gut instinct over food things, without thinking of anything anyone has said about the subject. I've been happy eating mostly raw with some coffee and bread, as fun really, so branched out to proper cooked meals but hasn't worked for me.

This is kind of strange. I wouldn't say that I'm at all greatly detoxed, as I'm still eating again some stuff which is quite processed e.g. coffee, bread and occasionally again some oats, hummus. So why this reaction to a cooked meal? Isn't a piece of bread a cooked thing but eaten cold? Maybe it's to do with quantity. That the body can deal with everything in small quantities.

That doesn't answer the question though as to why my body is reacting to a full cooked meal with headaches etc, when it didn't before,

Have to ponder on this some more.

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