Monday, 10 October 2011

Some updates and how we mistreat nature

About time I updated this blog. Physical training has been going really well, running and so on, getting really fit. Been having coffee again, but not in huge quantities. However, have been having bread - specifically white baguette. I don't really know why. I'm just going with it because I enjoy it.

Two explanations come to mind. First of all, this training has been quite intense, and my body naturally seems to want this stuff - or at least, my emotions do :-). And that's the other point. This training is stirring things up and in a weird way, baked bread seems to be the pinnacle of cooked stuff for me and a quick self-medication fix. I had a cooked meal the other night and it just felt all flat and the same, muddy somehow, but white crusty bread doesn't. So I suppose, if I'm going to have cooked stuff, might as well go for the stuff that still gives me  taste sensation - basically, burned and crusty things. Otherwise, I still have fruits etc as main food.

These emotions I've been having are pretty intense, like sadness or something. Not just mine, but like nature is unhappy. I feel this weight of change coming to humanity. I can feel it in the wind and in the trees. At the moment we experiment on other living creatures that we place in cages and insert needles into, and also gather creatures in huge pens then send them to the butchers; a lot of religions say that God gave creatures for us to do what we want with, that's convenient isn't it, especially as humans wrote all these texts. It feels wrong the way we torture animals when we could be their keepers. They can't help their natures, just like children. A lot of false reasoning looks at animals and says 'look, they kill each other for food' and we apply it to ourselves. Why compare ourselves to animals in that way, makes no sense. There's such an intense feeling of imbalance at the moment, I can't help feel that we're heading toward extremely major change now - what we eat is a huge part of that - and that it's not particularly good news for humanity.

I try not to over analyse anything these days, or identify with any particular ideas. I just go with whatever a little more. I like to just be who I am, free of outside influences. I still feel an immense pull toward spirit, but whether that boat will sail with a French baguette and coffee on board, or not, I just don't know :-)

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