Thursday, 14 July 2011

eating raw more consciously

Sometimes I can't believe this journey that I'm on. I seem to be on a moving train that I can't jump off anymore, and it's really quite a joyous thing. Well I suppose I could if I really wanted to, but I don't see the point to go back to dead-ends.

I've been feeling these changes now I have this resolve within me. Just the act of walking through the garden, picking (and giving thanks,  poor plants!) spinach, dandelion leaves and so on, and adding them to my fruits, blended together. All this is somehow working on me. The act of gathering locally is an interesting thing in itself. I feel that somehow humans are meant to gather locally, ideally, if they need to eat.

I find myself changed within, and don't find myself interested in certain food things which are on offer. I feel like the things I'm slowly discarding from my life, are being replaced by this sense of connection to deeper things. Just recently I've been discarding the small bits of bread I've been having once a day. Also, I'm drinking my one or two cups of coffee with a different sense now, less enjoyment I suppose. Perhaps I'll come back to that.

So while I'm eating mostly raw now, and have a lot more energy from it, I keep open minded as to where this might lead me. I think back to where i was, and see a huge change just from going mostly raw vegan. I can't  advise anyone on breatharianism, as I'm not one, but it does strike me that for long-lasting and conclusive changes, going to natural food first and so on, is logically a good way of doing things, as it allows the body to adapt, whatever the eventual outcome. I've tried days of fasting and so on in the past, but in retrospect, i see it as a worthwhile exercise in seeing how the body reacts and copes etc, and how one feels - and perhaps, I was getting a little ahead of myself too.

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