Friday, 8 July 2011

Still ongoing, which surprises me somehow

For a long time I've just been doing my thing without giving a huge amount of thought to any process of refinement. It's been ages since I had a cooked meal in the evening, but I did the other evening, which is why I'm adding to this blog. Usually I have fruits, and I was amazed at how I really didn't enjoy the cooked food. I was somehow expecting for normality to go on, and even possibly regress on this path, and go back to my old eating habits - but I find that something has changed in me fundamentally, and I can't or won't do it. I felt dry after that cooked food. Also, it didn't decrease any sense of hunger I might have in the evenings - I feel the same in that sense after fruits or cooked food. Hunger is a strange thing. Hunger is possible with me, even after eating! The only thing that seems to stop hunger is meditation and that kind of thing,

In the mornings I have some oats and rice milk and banana, but that too now is starting to weigh on me somehow (the rice milk and oats in particular). Strange how things have changed, from full blown muesli etc, to just oats and rice milk, and how that is even weird now.

So even though I don't spend much time thinking about it, looks like something is still going on.

I continue working on my fitness, especially light weights at the moment, been less inclined to run recently.

I really can't comment anymore on what's going on with me, but I'll just continue enjoying life as it is.

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