Tuesday, 8 February 2011

no more evening meals

The main thing that has been happening to me at the moment, is that the fruits I've been having in the evening, haven't been feeling right, and so I haven't been having anything in the evenings anymore. So it seems that I'm having two meals a day now. My weight hasn't changed though. Presumably, the weight content of fruit, for these evening meals, was next to nothing anyway.

It feels so great not eating in the evenings. I really feel like I'm treating myself well like this. It's like, at last, I can breathe easy. I'll drink a juice though.

Been wondering about my coffee drinking in the mornings, as I can feel its effects on me, in not such good ways.

A main theme in my blogging, looking back on things, is that I've been wanting to maintain a healthy approach to food. That is, not develop a negative complex toward food or eating; this is because, I feel that without the correct energies in place, having a negative view of food, doesn't lead down a good road.  I've always felt that life is about celebration in all its forms, not the opposite. Any form of transcendance - and that includes breatharianism - I feel should come from a stable place. Just my viewpoint.

Having said that, I experience more and more this feeling, that I'm just putting earth into my mouth, and that it's not necessary. I can feel these strong automatic tendencies, especially in the mornings, toward toast and coffee. Not that it's wrong in any way, but a part of me doesn't like being in automatic mode over anything. I don't like being a robot, or in this case a  food robot.

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