Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back on the liquids

I find it strange how just being a single day on liquids (a few juices), is enough to move a few things along. I also had a coffee, which I was doubtful about having. I didn't really feel that hungry, and in the evening, as I lay down to sleep, and felt full. Again, I could feel this golden energy, thick like soup, going trough me and in me. I wonder how I would be after a few days like this?

Next day, no breakfast, but in the end had a teacake midmorning, and salady lunch; not because I really wanted to, but because felt I ought to really. The hardest thing of all, isn't fasting, or doing food experiments, but living inside a system that so believes in food. It's unbelievably challenging. People really do freak out if you opt out - even if it isn't breatharianism, but just abstaining for one day (a healthy thing in itself) - people don't like it. Must eat, must eat, must eat, must eat, must eat.....

Perhaps the tough thing, is that allowing higher energies to manifest through fasting is a Good thing, and yet people see it as a Bad thing. All religions have an element of fasting in them, e.g.  fasting is one of the main pillars of Islam (but by some Muslims I've encountered, it's become a bit weird: don't eat during daylight hours, but stuff in as much as you can after the sun goes down. I knew a guy at school who would stuff in honey nut cornflakes with milk, chicken, anything apart from anything fresh, after sun down - as if his body was a rubbish bin. I've read that the greatest ill-health in the UK is suffered by Muslim men).Coincidentally, I saw a sticker today outside a supermarket, stuck to a sign post, that read: Halal and Kosher meat: not only is it wrong to eat animals, but you want to torture them first before killing them?

Anyway, I digress. I don't want to be feeding my pain body, as Eckhart Tolle would say, but tuning in to all this kind of stuff :-)

God is love


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