Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sick of addiction

It's been so long since I've updated this blog. Partly it's because nothing much has changed. Well, actually, that's not quite true. I've become much more even in my thinking with regards to food, and think much less critically about eating habits in general, whether mine or other people's. Personally, I'm more interested in spiritual expansion, non-judgment, and be that more close to the subtle spiritual reality of existence.

And yet... I am so absolutely bored of my food addictions... I mean, really sick of it. I can't stress this enough. And yet, I go on. I'm not overweight, in fact, slightly under according to modern measurements. Often I get a sicky feeling after eating and like I'm closing up  inside or something, I stick to fruits in the evenings and have such a deep feeling of rightness whenever I stick to pure foods (well, as pure as possible as no food is pure). But the addiction goes on, for coffee and bread, even though I feel yucky when having these things.

I thought I'd have got tired by now of putting rubbish into my body.

Soon. Soon I hope. Soon!

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