Thursday, 25 April 2013

Running again, ever more fruits

This slow process of change just keeps going, but I feel like I'm a more active participant in it somehow now.  I'm still 90% a raw foodie with that being mostly fruits. That 10% is still bread sometimes. I have no idea why I'm still eating that stuff. It makes no sense.  I'm loving smoothies at the moment.  My weight at the moment is just under 11 stone, which is up from the 10 stone I was trailing for so long and not enjoying. This is great!

I've started running again, something I dropped for a while. Problem is, I enjoy it too much. I'm having to do some yoga to help balance out my left/right at the hip level, which actually has always caused me a problem, with an acheing ankle and stiff leg. It's one of those ironies of life: when people have seen me run, it's always been with praise, saying I have a very relaxed way of running, with my long legs, but little do they know the real strains going on underneath. I got a rotated pelvis early on in life due to a traumatic event, and my muscles have adapted around this imbalance. This is not good for sustaining a good running posture. It seems to be part of the process now, to really address this imbalance and its cause. God help lol!

I remember last year, on a longer run, when despite my imbalance I'd reached a relax sense of ease, and it was really good, like something was running me rather than me running. Like nature and spirit was in me as I ran. I kind of hope to get back to that. This is why many runners run I think.

Other things I'm doing is really to shield myself from things like the news on TV. I check the headlines on the computer, but never watch the news. Makes a world of difference. Demons abound through TV and the Internet. But at least there's a level of control with the Internet.

I still find it a bit difficult sometimes my food habits with regards to other people. I'm just so lucky though that my wife has adapted to this pretty much. Of course the children just take it as it is. I serve them normal vegetarian food..

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