Monday, 8 August 2011


I'm developing greater inner determination in the face of social scrutiny over change of diet. I can feel this benign force operating, and attempting to help as much as possible. Realised a few days ago that I wasn't doing enough to get in line with these deeper energies.

In conversation, it can often become a little problematical when questioned over this food change to raw, especially as people tend to compare themselves against another person who seems to be doing more than them in some ways, and feel judged. But this is just a development, and not a thing to condemn others with, whether veggie or meat-eater. Food is as bad as politics and religion I think, in how it stirs people up!!

In terms of training, some running, a few days ago hit a record of 44 press ups, which for me is a record.

Not doing hummus anymore. The only processed stuff I still have is a little rice milk in the mornings on my fruits, and a few oats (which I assumed have undergone some treatment). This is being going on for a few weeks now. Also, I have decaffeinated coffee now, one or two cups a day. I'd like to get rid of that really, but at it's a big thing getting off the coffee, so happy with general movement forward, seeing as I used to be a coffee addict.

Much love!

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