Saturday, 9 April 2011

Coffee investigation and such things

Some updates. Did without coffee for 7 days. First couple of days,  headaches etc, craving coffee 3rd and 4th day, 5th day not too bad, 6th, no feeling for it, 7th, didn't care whether I had coffee or not - but went on holiday that day as well, so had coffee anyway, even though I didn't particularly want it. Drinking coffee again, but not much. It's rather like getting past the craving stage of it, made me see that I was alright with it, to have or not to have. Again no evening meals at the moment, though sometimes an orange or something, otherwise lunch and breakfast 'normal', but avoid processed as much as poss.

Strange, but I don't seem to mind pre-cooked cooked food as much as I do cooked-and-ready-to-serve cooked food. For example, oats which have been hardened I don't seem to mind at the moment, as well as some bread. It's a bit like, I want that burnt taste or feeling in things, but not sloppy cooked vegetables and such like (though hummus I still quite like, which is obviously incredibly cooked and churned and sloppy). I don't know why that should be. In some ways I feel like I'm really bored of food, so something which is burned, or toasted, gets through that taste barrier I have - perhaps a bit like coffee, same thing. Maybe something like that, not too sure really.

What's very useful for me to note, overall, is that the efforts I've been making in trying to sort out my food intake, has been opening some spaces within me and has definitely been worth it so far. :-)

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