Friday, 26 July 2013

Feeling strong, encouraged

Being a home dad presents its challenges, especially for someone who has some kind of spiritual calling.. Day in and day out, I  can get hit by situations and emotions that trigger emotional responses in me. How to remain calm when the children are bickering? That's just one example of a great many situations, where I have to inject energy to help or divert situations and I don't always succeed!!

Fitness wise, things are progressing well. From someone who could hardly do 12 press-ups, I can now do 45 and occasionally 50. Also, the running I love so much, is going well. My legs can eat up 7 miles with extreme hills, with little trouble. I can run more, 10 the other day, but lately 7 miles have felt fluid and strong. All this work has been getting more and more to the root of my left/right imbalance, which has been digging into a more spiritual reality, as a process. At the moment I'm ensuring that I'm getting lots of fruits, for carbohydrates, especially bananas etc.

I feel like I'm on a journey of two roads. On the one hand, I love running and would love to join groups of ultramarathoners who spend their days in the mountains, just running and enjoying this strange and amazing creation we're in and part of. Then on the other hand, I feel really strongly that physical food is not necessary, really. However, I'm not sure it's so wise to cut out food when putting the physical body through extreme athleticism... :-))

The other evening, as I was just sitting down, it felt to me really strongly, again, that eating physical food can be optional. And also, that the way forward is to move beyond food. Individually, for the world...

I still keep to fruits mostly, and raw vegetables from the garden (broadbeans, peas, salad leaves) but don't freak out against myself if I divert to a coffee or a rubbishy piece of bread. I say rubbishy, because wheat really is extraordinarily addictive and there's no nutritional value in it at all - so even though I went a month without bread, I'm having it occasionally again, but it's always disappointing! So, I don't know why I'm bothering. I'm sure it will pass again. An interesting interview on CBS with a cardiologist pointing out how modern wheat is a perfect and addictive poison:

I'm feeling this calling so strongly to refine, spiritually speaking. Tomorrow I'll do a days fast, just water and juices. I won't go running though.

Peace & Love 1 and All  :D 

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