Thursday, 3 May 2012

No bread No coffee

Finally happened, coffee and bread have dropped off. The other day this experience of reality, some kind of higher reality came over me, and I felt this urge to move things along. It's strange not having any coffee or bread anymore, just fruits and salads (lots of bananas!). I've put on some weight too, about half a stone, which I'm relieved about, taking me to about 10 and a half stone.

I feel like my head is being re-arranged, re-wired. My glasses and my wrist watch both feel wrong on me, too.

It's a strange thing living through a day without any real stimulants.

Training and running going well. The other day did a run, and straight afterwards some kind of detox thing happened - sneezing and a streaming nose was triggered, that went on for 24 hours.

I feel like the body needs really clear signals to go through changes, and chopping and changing from raw to cooked makes things confusing.

Psychologically moving away from coffee is a big thing for me. Having invested a lot of emotion etc into it, with various coffee making equipment, I'm left to view these items with a level of bemused detachment. Had a real bad headache all day the 2nd day without coffee. Not surprising.

I'm preferring this road of slowly refining food, rather than just fasting. I feel like I'm getting really in tune with the various functionings of my body and how these relate to wider realities. 

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